Política de mascotas

At “ALMADA 234”, your pet is welcome and we welcome you withpleasure.

You will be received with a VIP treatment, enjoying a LUXURYstay. Alongside we have some important information for the well-being of our4-legged friends:

• We have a WELLCOME PET available: feeder, drinkingfountain and a “GIFT PET” in the accommodation (a bone);

• Only small to medium sized dogs (up to 20kg) and cats areaccepted, and only 1 per apartment

• It is mandatory to have the pet's vaccination report (up todate);

• Pet Fee - €45.00 non-refundable - This fee will be chargedprior to check-out to cover the cost of deep cleaning of the room inpreparation for the next guest;

• Public Areas - Pets are not allowed in any of the publicareas (excluding the Reception area) unless they are service dogs;

• "Pet in the Room" sign - it is mandatory to havea "Pet in the Room" sign outside your door whenever your pet isinside the apartment;

• Cleaning - For the safety and comfort of your pet and ourteam, the housekeeping team will only enter your room if:

o Your pet is not present

o If at least one guest ispresent and o your pet is locked up or in a carrier

• As it is not possible to leave your pet alone in the room,please contact the Concierge or Reception for information on 'PET Sitting'services

• Damage assessment - Will be charged for any damage causedby your pet or for any extra cleaning required after your pet's stay. You mustpresent a valid credit card at check-in as payment for any damages or extracleaning costs related to your pet's stay. By signing this agreement, youauthorize the Hotel to charge these costs to your credit card during or afteryour stay.

• We reserve the right to demand the immediate removal ofany pet that exhibits dangerous or unacceptable behavior. You will beresponsible for all fees related to the removal of your pet, includingtransportation and kennel fees.

• Release and Compensation: You agree to release, defend andindemnify the Almada 234 accommodation from any claim or damage related to yourpet or your pet's stay at the Hotel, including any claims by third parties